Bespoke Staircases

Bespoke Staircases
Bespoke Staircases


  • With the flexibility of our bespoke designs, the design team at 1001 Stairs can transform any staircase into a showpiece.
  • By combining the functional needs of your space with the aesthetic of the interior we will work together to create a staircase that is both useful and timeless.
  • The options for materials are practically limitless: all manner of wood, metal and glass can be used to create a unique look, carefully designed for your particular space.
  • Our designers will work with you to create an illustration of how the finished staircase will look.
  • Once approved, the design will become reality.
  • Whether you need a stairway for a home, office, warehouse or retail space we can create the perfect staircase for any living or working environment.

Bespoke staircase process from design to handover

 1.      Introduction and orientation

  • 1001 Stairs offer a comprehensive introduction to the company and the exceptional products that we supply. 
  • Familiarising yourself with the various styles, geometry options and materials available is the first step towards your unique, tailor made staircase.
  • Request a free brochure for more information.
2.      Meeting and mapping
  • Contact 1001 Stairs to arrange a meeting with an advisor.
  • This is an opportunity to share your ideas and help us to appreciate your personal tastes, preferences, project specifics and budget allocated to the staircase.
  • With a map of your requirements we can advise you on the material choices, design options, regulations and potential restrictions.
3.      Visualisation and quotation
  • Having developed a confidence in our working method, knowledge and skills you are ready to move forward and want to know how your design will look in reality and whether the staircase of your dreams fits your budget.
  • We are happy to provide you with a bespoke visualisation or a fixed price quotation.
4.      Order
  • After placing your order with 1001 Stairs we determine the preferred delivery date that best suits all relevant parties.
  • With a proposed delivery period established an order confirmation document is issued detailing the scope of supply and terms of the agreement, this ensures that you know what to expect, right from the start.
5.      Site survey and drawing
  • The first phase of the production process starts.
  • We carry out a comprehensive site survey and use the information to prepare detailed drawings of your custom staircase.
  • The drawings are sent to you for approval prior to commencement of manufacture.
6.      Production and progress
  • When your staircase is in production you may be curious to know how the project is progressing.
  • Contact your advisor or project manager to receive an update - we love to share our progress with you.
7.      Delivery and aftercare
  • On the pre-agreed date your staircase will be delivered to site.
  • Detailed care instructions are provided and all staircases come with a 10 year guarantee.
  • If required (and agreed beforehand), we can also ensure the professional installation of your staircase.
Contact 1001 Stairs to arrange an introductory meeting with one of our expert advisors
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