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Terms and Conditions of use for the website owned by Design Solutions Direct


1. Applicability
1.1 These conditions (“Terms and Conditions of use”) apply to visiting and using this Design Solutions Direct website, as well as to any information, recommendations and/or services (“the Information”) provided to you on or through this website.

2. Information and liability

2.1 The Information is solely designed for general informational purposes and is not meant as advice.

2.2 Design Solutions Direct is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of (or inability to use) the website, including damage caused by viruses, or inaccurate or incomplete Information, unless the damage is the direct result of intent or gross error on the part of Design Solutions Direct.

2.3 Design Solutions Direct may not be held liable for damage resulting from use of electronic communications with this website, including but not limited to: damage resulting from non-delivery or delay in transmitting electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by programs/equipment used for electronic communications and transmission of viruses.

3. Links to other websites
3.1 This website contains links to other Internet sites.

3.2 Design Solutions Direct is not liable for the use or content of Internet sites listed as links in this website, or of Internet sites which contain a link to this website.

3.3 Our Cookie and Privacy Policies do not apply to personal data given by you or gathered and processed through these external websites.

4. Cookie Policy

4.1 When you use this site, we gather information on your use of the site through “cookies”. Cookies are small text files sent by a website to your Internet browser, which then saves the text file to your computer’s hard drive. This allows the website to be recognized on a subsequent visit. We do this so the website can better suit your needs, and to make it more user-friendly.

4.2 You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is activated, or to block cookies entirely. If you do block cookies, you will not be able to utilize all aspects of the site.

4.3 The domain name for the site server storing cookies is or You can determine how long cookies are saved through adjusting your own computer settings.

4.4 The storage and sharing of your information on the Internet is protected by commonly used security procedures.

4.5 You have the right to access personal information gathered about you through cookies, and to correct and/or erase this information by sending an email to

5. Cookie policy for use of session cookies
5.1 When you use this site, we gather information on your use of the site through “session cookies”. We do this to facilitate your access to other pages on the site. When you leave the site, the session cookies are erased.

5.2 You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is activated, or to block cookies entirely. If you do this you may experience difficulties or delays in using the site.

5.3 Storage and sharing of your information on the Internet are protected by commonly used procedures.

6. Etracker

6.1 On this website, data is collected and stored anonymously for marketing and optimisation purposes using etracker GmbH technology (

6.2 Usage profiles are then created from this data under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this purpose; these collect and store data anonymously only.

6.3 Data is not used to identify the user of this website personally and is not combined with data via the carrier of the pseudonym.

6.4 Consent to the collection and storage of data can be revoked at any time.

7. Privacy policy
7.1 We use your personal data to help us: process agreements made with you/place orders/maintain contact with you/perform market research/assemble client and supplier profiles/inform you of new developments within our company, as well as to share (new) products and services which may be of interest to you.

7.2 We do not store credit card details nor do we share information with any third parties.

7.3 Your personal data is made available to customer administration/post-sale service/product recall campaigns/direct marketing activities for new products and services.

7.4 At any time whatsoever you may indicate your wish not to have your information used in direct marketing efforts.

7.5 You may also ask questions about, correct or erase any information we have collected about you. Simply send an email with your name, company name and address of the marketing department to

8. Intellectual property rights
8.1 Unless otherwise noted, all rights, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, pertaining to the website and the Information remain those of Design Solutions Direct.

8.2 Visitors may consult the website and the Information and replicate it for their own personal use, for example by printing it or saving it. Any other use of the website or the Information, for example the saving or reproduction of (parts of) the Design Solutions Direct website on another website, or installing links, hyperlinks or deep links between the Design Solutions Direct website and any other Internet site, is forbidden, without express written consent from Design Solutions Direct.

9. Unsolicited submitted ideas
9.1 If you place or submit any unsolicited ideas and/or materials, including but not limited to: text, images, sounds, software or information (the “Materials”) on this website or send them to Design Solutions Direct by email or other means, Design Solutions Direct shall have the legal right to use, copy and/or make commercial use of these materials, in any sense whatsoever, without having to pay any fees for such use, and Design Solutions Direct shall not be obligated to keep said Materials secret.

9.2 You hereby indemnify Design Solutions Direct against any damage and costs Design Solutions Direct may suffer or incur in third-party claims that the use and/or utilization of the Materials infringe upon third-party (intellectual) property rights or otherwise violate the rights of a third party.

10. Invalidity
10.1 Should these Terms and Conditions of use be or become partially invalid, then parties shall remain bound by the remaining effective part.

10.2 Parties will replace the invalid section with valid clauses of which the legal consequences, in keeping with the content and application of these Terms and Conditions of use, coincide as much as possible with those of the invalid section.

11. Applicable law and authorized judge
11.1 These Terms and Conditions of use were drawn up solely in accordance with Dutch law.

11.2 All disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions of use, including those concerning its compilation and validity, will be judged by the presiding court judge in Amsterdam.